Spice Up Your Sex Life with These Quick Tips

Almost every one of us experiences a sex rut at some point in our lives. It can be caused by a variety of reasons – stress, busy work schedule, or sometimes you just lost the thrill especially when you’ve been together with your partner for a long time. No matter what the reason is, you’d always want to get back the thrill and spice of what you had before. Here are some proven and tested tips on bringing back the spice in your sex life.

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Get Creative

One of the reasons why some people lose that spice is because they get bored with the usual sexual routine. Try out new things with your partner when having sex for a new and more exciting experience. For instance, if you haven’t tried using sex toys before, now is the time to start exploring these things with your partner. You may also try playing erotic games with your partner such as erotic truth or dare to add some novelty into your foreplay. Explore the largest online sex toy store Brisbane and you’ll definitely find tons of stuffs you may want to try out with your partner for a great sex night.

Connect More

Nowadays, most people are so busy with their gadgets at night that sometimes they spend more time on it rather than connecting with their partner. One of the simplest ways to bring back the thrill in your sex life is to connect more with your partner. Instead of watching TV or fidgeting with a phone, focus more on activities that improve connection such as caressing each other, massage, kissing and a lot more. Try these and you’ll definitely notice a change between how you and your partner treat each other.

Create a Sexy Playlist

Music as a huge impact on our mood and the way we feel. Creating a sexy playlist helps a lot in evoking your emotions while spending some quality time with your partner. Choose songs that make you both feel good and even songs that could turn you on. You can dance or sing along with these songs together with your partner. Do this together with activities that promote connection such as holding hands, caressing and even looking into each other’s eyes to make it more romantic.

Try Out Some Fantasies

Role play during sex is a perfect way to add novelty into your sex life. There are lots of sexy fantasies you can try out with your partner, depending on both your preferences. From office romance, student and teacher romance and even wilder fantasies such as bondage, there will always be something out there that you and your partner will surely enjoy.

Whenever you find yourself in a sex rut, there’s no need to worry anymore since it is all a normal part of our daily lives. With these simple tips to try out, you can definitely bring back the thrill and even add some spice into your sex life.


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