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Tips for Buying Durable Clothing to Save Money

While we tend to value clothing by how fashionable it is, that’s hardly what makes your outfits worth the money. In the big business of apparel retail, quantity tends to win out over quality. That’s why some of your clothes barely last a season, even if you have paid considerably for it. Then you end up spending even more money to replace those worn and torn clothes. Here are several tips that will help you distinguish durable clothing items that are actually worth the money you pay:

Feel the Fabric in Your Hands

Most buyers check the size of a clothing item before they buy it. How well it looks also matter a lot. How it’s made should factor in your decision as well. The simplest way to check whether something is well made is to just get the feel of the fabric in your hands. Does it feel thick or flimsy? If it’s wool, gently pull apart a small part of the fabric. When you release, the fabric should snap back in place. If it remains stretched, then you are looking at a low quality item. Likewise, get a feel of the fabric and decide if it seems durable enough to withstand use.

Buy from Retailers that Assure Quality

Quality of clothing isn’t fashion. Not all clothing brands ensure that you are going to end up with a good quality product. However, some do. So if you don’t want to go the extra mile to ensure the quality of a clothing item, it’s best to buy from retailers that are open about their production process. Brands like thefable shirts are transparent about their sourcing and quality assurance is a given. Check the website of the brands you love to see what type of quality assurance they offer.

Look at Seams from both Sides

The seam is probably not what first comes to mind when buying items like pants. But the seam can tell a lot about the quality of any clothing item you buy. Regardless of the price, you can consider any top or trouser good if the seam is reinforced and well sewn. The stitching here should look even and layered well to hold everything together. If the sewing looks uneven or if there are threads poking out, then beware. Even expensive clothes could have bad seams, which mean that you are definitely not getting your money’s worth. So make sure the take a quick peek at the seam before you pay for a new pair of pants or a top.

Check Parts of the Garment like Collars and Cuffs

Certain parts of clothing, like collars, cuffs, and waistbands, are highly prone to wear and tear when not properly sewn in. Ideally, these parts should feel stiff in your hands when you touch new tops. That’s because professional tailors sew in something called “interfacing”, which makes collars and cuffs retain their shapes. If you are looking at a product with interfacing, then you are looking at a high-quality product that will last. If not, then the clothing might not have been made with high quality standards. Cheaply made clothing often doesn’t have interfacing to save money.

Keep in mind that quality is not related to price. Even high-end fashion brands may sell low-quality items that need replacing in a matter of months. Therefore, use the above tips to check the quality of clothing before you buy.


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