What To Prepare On Your First Business Trip

Travelling of any kind can be both exciting and tedious. This is simply because besides the fact that you need to travel there are a great number of things that you will need to make sure to have sorted out before leaving which may include getting your visa and lodging sorted.

Always keep Your Essentials Packed

Always keep your essential items like toiletries, notebooks, snacks, and business cards stocked in your carry on and refill if necessary after every trip. This way you would have a lesser chance of leaving something behind.

Follow the same rule once you land. You would probably be on a business trip for a couple of days at most. There is no need for you to unpack your entire suitcase and get extremely comfortable. You would probably be kept busy with meetings, and when it is time to leave you wouldn’t have much time to repack and you would end up forgetting or leaving something behind.

Make Sure You Pack All Your Material

Your marketing team would give you freebies such as notebooks, pens and bottles to give those that attend your conference. Don’t forget to pack such items along with your notes and marketing script. Make sure that you are always carrying your passport with you as that is your only method of identification.

Less is more

The less you pack the better. Take clothes which you can mix and match to look different. You wouldn’t need to spend much on transport either are you would be travelling light. Once you land, you can use an airport car rental service to take you to your hotel. Once you reach there ask the reception politely if they have a room with a better view.

They would gladly give you an upgrade if you ask nicely. You would be able to speak and get a contact number from someone from the airport car rental service to arrange to pick you up on the day of your departure as well. You could even choose a long term car hire Guildford so you will have a vehicle to travel in while on your business trip.

Pack a Carry on

Try to avoid packing large suitcases on your trip. Pack all your essentials in a carrier and you will find that you have dodged waiting hours in line to get your luggage checked. When you start to travel frequently this trick would be of much value. You could use that time to catch up on some shut eye or read up on your material just before the flight.

Be Polite

A smile could go a long way. Learn to be polite and as least bit demanding as possible.  Individuals who work at airports and hotels handle disgruntled, demanding people all day and if you want them to look into something for you a “please” or “thank you” would go a long way.

These are simple points to remember but they will go a long way when it comes to travelling on a regular basis.



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