5 Tips to Get the Best Out Of Your Bridesmaid’s Dresses

One of the most exciting things that a bride gets to do is picking the theme of her wedding. This means that she gets to select the colour, style and type of fabric for her bridesmaids’ dresses. You have to make sure that it complements your own gown and have the ability to look attractive and comfortable for the wearers. It is important to consider each maid’s skin tone, their body figures, and preferences and colours so that it fits into everyone’s style and taste. Read on to find out some tips you can gather to find the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids.

Gathering Ideas and Inspiration

In today’s day and age, the internet is one of the easiest ways you can find inspiration and ideas from. Online sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr give plenty of ideas of anything you want by a simple keyword search. You can also go through the wedding magazines available to find out the latest trends and styles in the market. Initially, if you can go shopping with the bridesmaids to find out what best suits their tastes and figures, it will make it easier for you to narrow down the options.

Popular Styles and Designs

One of the most popular styles for dresses is the A-line dress as this style looks great on different body shapes and sizes. In addition, there are trending styles that are two-tones and are more to do with flowy, floor length fabrics. The Sydney Bridal Fashion Hub also includes sleeveless, backless and halter neck dresses as the more popular trending designs of the year.  Having a shawl accompany the barer styles has also become quite fashionable.


The trending colours depend on the season of the wedding and what is most popular during this time. However, most brides like to go with pale colours such as pale yellows, taupe and sand. During fall, brighter and bolder colours such as burgundy are used as the bridesmaid’s colours. The fabrics used usually differ from silk, chiffon, satin, velvet to name a few.

Combination Styles

Today, you will be able to see bridesmaids choosing their own style of dress while keeping the theme colour and fabrics same. This is fast becoming many bridesmaids’ popular choice of dress. It allows the bridesmaid to choose whatever style fits their complexion and body shape the best.  Keep in mind that some simple rules such as no dresses above the knee can keep all the bridesmaids looking uniform yet in line with the theme. You can also consider a “colour run” where the styles of the dresses remain same but the colours of each bridesmaid differ.

Lead Time

Don’t forget to leave plenty of room to make the necessary changes and alterations- at least about 3 weeks in advance of the wedding. This is because certain changes in the body will give a bad fit to the dress and leave it to the last minute will make it a hassle for everyone especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids to handle.


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