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How to Know which Caterer is Best for Your Event?

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a family get together, having good food makes the event more enjoyable and memorable. As the host, there are so many things you have to consider and attend to such as the venue, decorations and accommodation for guests. To take some off of your plate, leaving the food and drinks to the hands of an event caterer is a great choice. With so many catering agencies out there, choosing one that suits your event is a challenge. Here are some tips to help you out in finding a good caterer.

Talk to Them

Aside from looking up on their menu and prices, the best thing to gauge a caterer is to meet them personally. Set the meeting in advance to give you more time to find another just in case they don’t pass your standards. Discuss to them your specific food and drink needs for your event and observe how they treat you as a prospective customer. You can learn a lot about the caterer upon meeting up and talking to them personally.

Previous Experience

Another thing to look for in a caterer is their experience particularly on events similar to what you are planning. This way, you can be assured that they know what to do during the event and how to handle everything depending on the situation. Matching the caterer to the event is the best way to be sure you’re getting the right people for the job.

Find a Good Chef

Every catering agency has a head chef who is responsible for the entire meal in the event. Do a background check particularly on certifications and specializations to know if you’re looking at the right person for the job. For smaller family events that don’t need much service staff, you can simply hire a personal chef to cook for the event. You can look up on chef recruitment agencies London and find the best chef for your event. Don’t forget to meet up with them personally to get a better feel of the chef especially his behavior and personality.

Schedule a Food Tasting

One thing you should never miss out is to schedule a food tasting. Most caterers offer free food tasting to give their clients and idea on the taste of the food they are serving. During this time, you can ask them questions regarding the ingredients in every dish, especially if you have guests who have dietary restrictions or allergies. You may also opt to switch some dishes on your menu with new ones that would make up for the entire event.

Since food is an important part of every event, hiring a great catering service is an essential way to make sure that your guests are satisfied with their meals and drinks all throughout the event. Hire a caterer now for your event to help you focus on other important event planning stuffs. Find a caterer who can provide what is needed on your event and make planning less stressful.


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