Know Your Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette with This Guide

Choosing the right wedding dress can be confusing to some brides-to-be. There are so many things to consider such as the budget, style, motif, and many more. One of the factors that affect the look of a wedding gown is its silhouette. There are actually different types to choose from depending on the level of comfort you prefer and your body type. If you’re still confused, here are the 6 wedding dress silhouettes you can choose from.

Ball Gown

The ball gown type is the classic silhouette of most wedding gowns. It is fitted in the bodice and full on the skirt part. Think about a classic fairy-tale princess gown and you have it. This style gives an instant touch of class and elegance making it a popular choice for brides-to-be. You’ll definitely look regal on your special day with this type of wedding gown.


The A-line gown is one of the most versatile silhouettes for a wedding gown. It is fit on the bodice and flares out a little from that waist, creating an A-shaped silhouette. You can wear an A-line gown on almost any kind of wedding motif – classic, bohemian, or any theme. This silhouette also flatters almost any body shape; you’ll never go wrong when you choose this style.


For those who are looking for an effortless look in their gown, the sheath silhouette is perfect for you. It fits close to the body with little or no flare at all. Its simplicity in style makes it a lot easier to move around with. Sheath wedding gowns look perfect for slim and petite brides since this style doesn’t overpower the wearer. Simply add stylish wedding veils for a more sophisticated look.


The mermaid style wedding dress is your best pick if you’re looking for an extremely fit silhouette for your wedding day. It is fit from the bodice down to the waist and hips, and flares out at the knee part. Wearing a mermaid style dress definitely gives an instant boost to your curves, creating an hourglass body shape especially for those slim or petite ladies. You’ll definitely turn heads around with a mermaid wedding gown.

Fit and Flare

If you want a more relaxed version of the mermaid gown, then a fit and flare dress is what you’re looking for. It is fit on the chest and waist but a little bit looser on the hips, waist and thighs compared to the mermaid dress. It flares outward from the knees, giving you more space and freedom to move around. Fit and flare gowns are perfect if you’re planning a dance party on your big day.


Column wedding gowns are almost similar to the sheath style but a little bit narrow. It doesn’t have a flare and falls straight down to the floor, giving a column-like silhouette for the wearer. It is perfect for slim brides since it doesn’t overwhelm the wearer with lesser fabric used.

Now that you know the 6 basic wedding gown silhouettes, choosing the right type for you is a little bit easier than before.


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