Outdoor Party Essentials for Party Planners

Sometimes the planning of the next birthday of the family or the wedding or even planning an office party can become your responsibility. But what happens if everyone wants to have their party outside? What are the things you need to consider specially for an outdoor party? How does it differ from an indoor party? But don’t worry. Take a look at the tips below to see what are the essentials that you need to make your outdoor event successful.


Hosting a large number of guests means you simply cannot go through the party with just one bathroom. So, if you are thinking of a backyard party and is planning to send your guests to the only bathroom in your house, this will not do due to many reasons. The best solution is to have portable bathrooms in a separate part of the venue where your guests can use. You can easily find these at a place that has relocatable buildings for sale and use them for your party.


If the party is going to be at night, then lights are a must. Even if the party is going to be at your backyard, a little bit of extra lighting can help to turn your everyday backyard into a party venue. Lights are also necessary to make sure your guests don’t get lost on their way. You will need lights to lit up the pathways – from the car park to the party area or from the dining area to the bathrooms etc. Some of the lighting options you can try out for an outdoor party are fairy lights, lanterns, or Solar lightings.

Ice and Storage

An outdoor party mean you cannot have a refrigerator where you can store all your food and drinks. In order to keep your food and drinks fresh, you need to come up with alternatives. Make sure to have a cooler and some ice maker with you for this. A portable ice maker is the best solution to keep your party from running out of ice, especially if this is a day party and you also have to deal with the sun. These can be used to store your drinks and food until they are served.


A party outside, especially a summer party, means that you have to bear with the hot sun. Therefore, forgetting your sunscreen will simply not do. Be sure to remind the guests of sunscreen, sunglasses and hats that can keep the, safe from the sun. If you can, it is better to have a tub or two of sunscreen and some aloe gel with you in case someone forget theirs and had an unpleasant experience with the sun. Bug sprayand tans (for both bugs and the sun) will also be a great idea.

Weather Preparations

The sun is not the only weather element you have be careful about. In an outdoor party, it is also better to have a backup plan in case of heavy rains and winds. Make sure the table clothes are attached to the table with weights. If you are adding light strings or other decoration, tie them firmly to the surface so they won’t fall off in the wind. If possible, it is always better to have a standby venue (indoor and outdoor) in case the current venue cannot be used due to the weather.

Although party planning essentials are always the same despite the different venues, sometimes you got to have some extra things ready to be better prepared. Keep these tips in mind when you plan your party and enjoy it to the fullest.


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