The Top Items on Your Wedding Checklist, and On Your Mind!

Wedding planning may seem like a daunting task, what with the amount of stuff to deal with, and the worry of having a perfect wedding in the end. However, with a properly drafted wedding checklist, you should find the entire thing less tiring, even a little enjoyable as you go. Here are the main things, or more or less, the basics that is likely to be included in any check list, and the ones you would think about and work on, first!

A Proper Date

Picking a proper date is important because it does not simply involve the presence of all your favourite guests. There’s so much more to it. You need to make sure that you pick a date where everything else is available, not just the wedding venue! There’s catering, dressmakers, bands, décor, and so many other services you’d need at your wedding, and they all need to be available during the time of your wedding. With restrictions being lifted soon, you can celebrate your day! Thus, do a careful check and decide on a convenient date. This helps you to plan the rest of the wedding without a hassle.


You can then go on to check awesome wedding venues. You might have a few in mind already, if you do, you can take a look at them straight away and make your reservations. If you don’t have an idea about venues just yet, you could always look online or around, and get working on your reservations without much delay.


Picking a wedding gown is the biggest of all tasks or decisions. At least it is when you are the bride. , This is likely to take a while until you find the perfect one. However, if you are one of those enthusiasts who has always had a plan at the back of your mind, or a wedding dream and wish since a long time, you’re likely to find it easier to deal with the gown because you sort of already know what you want. Alongside your bridal gown, you’d focus on outfits for bridesmaids and the best men, too, and have it all sorted at the same time!

Make Overs

It is not just your bridal look that you would start thinking about, but all the treatments you’d need to start on so you’d look fresh and glowing on your biggest day. Look for the best people who can start helping your look great and beyond amazing on the main day. Speak to these beauty folks and hand them the responsibility of taking care of your looks from now on, until the day of your wedding!


Whether you wish to use more florals or opt for a minimalist type of décor is entirely up to. Sometimes, what you want may not be the best suited setting for the venue that you’ve picked.  You also need to consider the type of occasion, and the scale of your celebration. For instance, a church ceremony may look decent with simple floral décor involving a generous combination of colors.  You also need to think about your budget because some décor can cost you quite a bit. Keep all of these key things in mind as you go ahead and choose some gorgeous décor for your special day.

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Guest Lists, and Everything Connected to It!

Deciding on the wedding invitations and guest list comes next. This is hard but try to stick to your budget and headcount. Following the guest list and invitations, you’d need to plan on seating arrangements at the wedding. You also can then focus on catering, the type of cuisine and the amount of food and drink that will need to be prepared and served at the occasion.


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