Tips for Taking Pictures of a Baby

Capturing moments of a baby which is just a couple of days old is a new experience every time. Use the overwhelming love between the parents as they look at their baby to an advantage when capturing such moments. Every baby and set of parents are different and have different expectations.

Here are a few tips to create a perfect moment of overwhelming love and joy, all rolled into one picture.

Know the Parents Expectation

It is important to talk to the parents and be aware of what they expect of you. It is important that they highlight areas and the props you, as a baby photographer, would need to bring along to the shoot. Having a brief idea about which items should be brought along.

This kind of baby photography is usually taken before the baby is 6 weeks old because they possess a “mould-able” nature by which they can be moulded into the desired position with less fuss and strain. When meeting the parents prior to the shoot, encourage them to look around and send you a few ideas they would like to see implemented in their project.

Preparing and Photographing the Baby

When preparing the baby for the photographs, make sure the room is warm enough. Babies are most comfortable when it is at sweating point for a full-grown adult. When using the props, you don’t have to worry about the blankets being ironed or perfecting all other items you would be using an imperfect backdrop or a slightly crushed blanket would draw attention to the perfection of the infant and/ or the family.

The secret of baby photography is actually patience and perfect timing. Besides the act of moulding the infant into poses, prepare a backdrop and stand back and watch what he or she does. Sometimes the simplest yawn or stretch along with the photographer’s immaculate timing, and the prepared backdrop would give a look of pure perfection. If you are looking to photograph a baby who’s a little older you may want to encourage the parents to bring their Tommee Tippee milk bottles or pacifiers to help calm a fussy baby. A happy baby will ensure beautiful pictures.

Encourage Other Parties to Participate

Encourage the mother, father and other siblings to participate. The mother may be in a position to feel beautiful or may still be in a great deal of pain. To when requesting her to join in the pictures do so gently and include poses that require a little or no effort at all from the mother.

When introducing the infants’ sibling to the pictures, give the older sibling a minute to get close to the infant and the poses will create themselves.

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Capturing a moment as important as this one is an experience you and your clients would want to cherish for the rest of their lives. So, make sure that the experience is neither stressful nor too much of work and should just be a celebration of the birth of another beautifully perfect baby.




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