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Tips to Host A Fancy Tea Party

Tea parties are one of those events that bring close friends and family together in spending some quality time. Hosting a tea party calls for its own planning and arrangements like with any other party.

But tea parties hosted in the golden hour of the evening sure have their own class to them. In fact, it’s one of the fanciest times of the day to host any parties, bending with the sunset. So, if you’re looking to add some fancy notes to your next tea party then here are few tips you can consider.

Make the right table setting

One eye-catching element about a tea party, especially with the daylight is the table setting. Your table setting makes a solid statement about your personality and your overall party. Making the right choices when it comes to the table setting of a tea party can surely bar up the fancy notes of your party.

So, ditch the paperware and get fancy with glass coffee cups, silverware, ceramic plates, and teapots. Paper wares are difficult to handle, especially because they soak up food elements like oil or sauces and even drinks easily. Besides, don’t opt for plastic wares as they have effects on heated foods and beverages. Plastic wares are not attractive either.

In general plastics or paperware restrict the ease of enjoying the food or drink. This is because they are lightweight and can be easily mishandled creating a whole mess.

Make a statement with your desserts

Desserts play a major role in creating a whole vibe for your tea party. Firstly, if you have a set theme for your party, make desserts that go along with it. This can be a colour or even a style. For example, if you’re tea party is Hawaiian-themed; add traditional desserts to your menu.

If you’re hosting a large gathering, then add a touch of sophistication to basic desserts. For example, a basic layered cake can be topped with big flower decorations to make it look sophisticated yet classy.

If your tea party is more intimate, consider going for single-serving desserts, min-desserts, and so on. This adds a more personal touch and surely looks fancy. Be aware of single-servings as they might take time for preparations and space for serving, so plan accordingly.

Use unique name cards

This is a more personal, special, and certainly a fancy way to address guests. If you have a specific arrangement for guests, rather than telling them where to sit, use name cards. Make your name cards look classy with designs or spray paints.

If you want to go the extra mile you can keep small crafted chocolate, candy, or any other small edibles as a sign of gesture or compliment. Overall, this personalized way of addressing guests can reduce the rush or the mess that comes with the party. This will make your party look more organized, clean, and definitely fancy.

Try to incorporate these tips in your next tea party and see how much of a difference they make in fancying up your tea party, not just in person but in pictures as well.


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