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Choosing Triathlon Clothing

If you are training for a triathlon, one of the things you should try is selecting the right clothing. There are three sports included in a triathlon that is running, cycling and swimming. You should be comfortable during all three activities.

Because there are three different sports, you can change clothes to fit each part of the race or select an outfit that will be suited for all activities such as a womens tri suit. The latter option is more convenient as you don’t have to stop and change at every sport. Changing at each transition can cost you a few seconds but it will still ensure your performance is not affected by improper clothing. Tri-suits will help wick away moisture and sweat quickly. The materials are selected according to how well they protect the athlete from sun protection as well.

The triathlon usually starts with swimming and this phase will require you to wear goggles, a wetsuit and a swimming cap to increase your level of efficiency. You can also choose to wear a swimsuit. Wetsuits are generally worn when the temperature of the water is low. A wetsuit can keep you warm in clod conditions as the water that gets inside works as a layer of insulation by maintaining your body temperature. It is also designed to reduce drag inside water and increase the buoyancy of the swimmer.

You have to think about the time taken to change into clothing when you are transitioning. If you are wearing a wetsuit, it can take a little bit more time than a swimsuit to remove and transition to a different type of clothing. If you feel that the efficiency of the wetsuit trumps other downsides, you can then choose the style of the wetsuit. There are one-piece and two-piece wetsuits. They come in a variety of lengths and you can choose to have sleeves or not.

Check how many zippers are included. There are wetsuits that are designed especially for triathlons and these are usually lighter and reduce resistance significantly. Make sure that there are no bulges in the wetsuit. It should be a snug fit while still allowing some stretchability.

You should have the right cycling shoes that improve pedalling efficiency. There are clipless cycling shoes that can be attached to the pedal directly. Make sure you look for shoes that come with hook and loop strap closures as it will be easier to change out of than a shoe with laces. The helmet should be approved by the relevant authorities for safety. The design of the helmet can affect its aerodynamic quality. When you purchase the helmet, you need to make sure that the sunglasses you have is compatible with it. Running shoes will differ according to the length of the triathlon.

It is generally recommended to go for more supportive shoes with longer durations. Instead of normal laces, go for stretch laces or toggles to reduce changing time. Depending on the weather, you can wear thermal sleeves that provide UV protection as well as extra insulation when it is cold.


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