How does the 482 Visa work?

How does the 482 Visa work?

How does the 482 Visa work?Australian authorities are warmly welcoming the skilled individuals who want to work in Australia temporarily. They have introduced the Australia 482 working visa that is known as the temporary skills shortage (TSS) visa. This visa allows you to work in Australia for up to four years depending on your job and skills. The best thing about this visa is that it doesn’t restrict you to Australia. It means you are free to travel to other countries.


In fact, you can show your documents to invite your family members to study and work in Australia. You need to meet the basic requirements if you want to get the Australia 482 working visa. For instance, you’d only be eligible for this visa if an employer is sponsoring you from Australia. Adequate health insurance is also mandatory for temporary skills shortage visa. Having a better understanding of the English language is also a must as you are going to communicate with people for around 4 years.

The employer will take care of the official documents required for the visa process. But you should also prepare the documents that are required from your side. For instance, you need to prepare the documents for your qualification and the relevant experience. Moreover, you’re supposed to ensure the visa officer that you’re eligible for the position.


Australia 482 working visa is divided into three categories:


  • Short-term stream
  • Medium-term stream
  • Labor Agreement Stream


The short-term stream allows the employer to hire skilled individuals from other countries if they couldn’t find a skilled Australian worker. This visa is valid for up to 2 years. But you can also apply for the 4 years visa if you fall in the category of International Trade Obligation. The visa application is usually processed within 35 days and the fee for this visa is AUD 1,265.

How does the 482 Visa work?

Medium-term Stream allows you to work in Australia for up to four years. The employer can use this option to bring skilled individuals from foreign countries. It usually takes 29 days to process this visa and the cost of this visa is AUD 2,645.


Labour Agreement Stream is only for employers who have a labour agreement with the Australian government. The applicants can stay in Australia for more than 4 years. And the visa applications are processed within 31 days. The cost of this visa category is AUD 2,645.


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