Four Types of Music Everyone Should Listen To

Music is something that everyone loves. However, it is important to understand that everyone listen to different types. While it is okay for you to have a genre that you like, you must also need to appreciate and praise other types of styles. Of course, you might not be attracted to all types. But there are certain kinds of styles that everyone will be into. The following are some kinds of styles that you need to be aware of.


Yes, not everyone is a jazz fan. But this is mainly because not a lot of people listen to it. If you listen to some of the best jazz hits in the field, you will definitely realise that it is one of the best things you have ever listened to. Some of the most iconic jazz artists in the world are Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Loius Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Bill Evans. Of course, it is possible for you to be attracted to other artists as well. If you think that this is not your type, then you just have to go for one jazz festival and you will definitely change your opinion.


If you think that classical music is not for everyone, then you could not be more wrong. Of course, you cannot be listening to classical songs and symphony orchestras all the time. But everyone must listen to these songs at least once in a while as they are extremely beautiful. One of the best things about genre is that it utilises a variety of instruments from the piano to the cello. So, regardless of your personal taste, you will definitely begin to grow fond of this one. Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Handel, Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky are some of the greatest classical artists in the history of this field.


The most famous genre in the current music industry is hip hop. A lot of people like listening to hip hop since it is fun and full of energy. If you love partying or being full of adrenaline, then you should definitely try listening to this type. In the current age, there are so many artists in this field that you might probably be aware of. This includes Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, 50 cent, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.



Yet another famous genre in the current age is pop music. The number of people who are addicted to this genre is countless. Even if your specific genre is classical or jazz, you would still enjoy listening to pop since the tunes are so catchy. David Bowie, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Prince, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones are some of the most famous artists and bands in the past. Currently, this industry is dominated by the work of artists such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Bruno Marns and Maroon 5.

While it is okay for you to have a favourite type of music, remember that it is important for you to branch out and listen to other types once in a while too.


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